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Community funded Stellar Battles

Win Stellar prizes by writing content, building new features or doing small tasks that are chosen by the community.

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Stellartorch Video

The Stellartorch is traveling around the world. When passing it on to someone else, create the best video you can and compete for this prize pool! Increasing the prize pool will increase your chance to see awesome videos!


Kelp Overview Battle

SDF develops an open-source trading tool called “Kelp.” To encourage the community to create high-quality educational content about Kelp, SDF has kicked off and contributed a prize pool to be distributed to eligible participants who develop exemplary content


Stellar Community Fund (SCF) Recap

Write an article that gives an overview about the amazing and valuable projects that came out of the Stellar community fund (SCF).



Distributed prizes

The community funds Battles by donating for specific tasks upfront.


Battle’s completed

Everyday month new battles are started.


Open Battles

Earn XLM by completing small tasks that benefit the Stellar ecosystem!

What is Stellar Battle?

Stellar Battles are small competitions that let you earn community funded prizes.

By deciding, as a community, what we value, we can push for more value creation for everybody inside the ecosystem. Want to see an app translated into your language?:

Open a battle and fund it together with community members that share your need! This way you incentivize others to realize it!

There are 3 ways to contribute:

  • Submit a battle

  • Compete in battles

  • Stimulate others by funding a battle

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