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New years’s battle

Create the most Stellar New Year's wish. Let's end this year with a fun Battle, the person that creates the most Stellar, inspiring, fun, educational or maybe even sexy New Year's wish will win this battle. The winner is determined by upvotes/likes on Reddit/Twitter.


University airdrop plan

The Keybase airdrop failed due to the mass entrance of bots/scammers. University students all have verified email addresses. Please come up with a plan how to airdrop university students trough Keybase.


Automate voting / prizepool payout uses Photon votes for community voting. There is no way yet to run multiple voting rounds at the same time without spamming the Stellar subreddit yet. Please think of a way to do efficient (and fair) community voting for Stellar Battles. Preferably the voting uses photons and even better, has a way to automate the payout of the prizepool.


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