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The Stellar Plantation plan

What if we used Stellar to plant 100 million trees? The Stellar Plantation. (Remember that the YouTuber MrBeast just planted 20 million in a few months, without much difficulty.) How about we do it in Australia after the tragic bushfires? You can contribute to Stellar by writing a detailed plan for this idea!


Battle Ideas – Week 28

Send in the best Battle idea you have and earn XLM for it. If your Battle is picked as a winner you will not only win the prize pool. Your battle will also be featured on the front page, including an initial prize pool donation by Stellar Battle!


Developer communities interaction

Write an article that describes how Stellar can reach out and interact with communities to bring new developers and users to it’s network.


Galactic vision logo

Create the new logo for Galactic Vision, a website that provides a 3D visualization of the Stellar network!


List of nonprofits

What 10 nonprofit organizations would you like to see officially accept Stellar lumen donations?


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