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Are you a writer and want to add something to the Stellar ecosystem? Then take your shot at one of the content battles! These are subjects that the Stellar community likes to see articles about. You are no writer, but do want to see an article being published ? Then fund the prize pool to inspire others!

Ethereum vs Stellar Blogpost

A lot of projects use Ethereum, but would be better off using Stellar instead. Please write a blog post that compares the two (objectively).


Create a Stellar Battle

We dare you. Send in the best Battle idea you have and earn XLM for it. The winning battle will be featured on the frontpage.


Guerilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is fun! What if the Stellar community started guerilla marketing efforts all around the world? Can you come up with the best way to Guerilla market Stellar, execute on the plan AND blog about it?


Stellar vs Ripple consensus

Stellar's consensus is different from Ripple's consensus mechanism. Little good articles explain the core differences though. Please write an article comparing the two.


Kelp Overview Battle

SDF develops an open-source trading tool called “Kelp.” To encourage the community to create high-quality educational content about Kelp, SDF has kicked off and contributed a prize pool to be distributed to eligible participants who develop exemplary content


Stellartorch Video

The Stellartorch is traveling around the world. When passing it on to someone else, create the best video you can and compete for this prize pool! Increasing the prize pool will increase your chance to see awesome videos!


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