Keybase let’s you build all sorts of bots. The goal of this challenge is to build a bot that:

  • Runs for 1 month
  • Takes funds from people
  • Takes funds on behalve of someones Twitter handle (so that I can fund the pool for my friend Joe, who does not have Keybase installed).
  • After 1 month the bot picks a winner based on the % people put into the pool and distributes the prize.
  • If the winner does not have Keybase installed yet, they can claim the prize by proving their Twitter handle.

115 XLM


Stimulate others to finish this battle by donating to the prizepool:



The first person to create a bot that functions as described wins the prize pool. Stellar Battle will verify the quality of the bot before determining a winner. When more than one qualifying bot is submitted the pool might be devided amongs multiple projects.


Announce your solution throug a (short) blogpost somewhere public AND announce it in the “Stellar_Battle” keybase team before the deadline.

  1. Do not DM for votes.
  2. No vote trading.
  3. Don’t ask for votes in public channels.
  4. Paying for exposure is prohibited.
  5. Actively discrediting other competitors.
  6. Stealing proposals.
  7. The voting system might be changed during the competition if problems arise.