Guerrilla marketing is fun! What if the Stellar community started guerilla marketing efforts all around the world?

This battle is asking you to:

  1. Think of a guerilla marketing effort for Stellar / XLM
  2. Execute upon it
  3. Write about your experiences in a blogpost

101 XLM


Stimulate others to finish this battle by donating to the prizepool:



The battle ends two weeks after the first 5 quality guerilla campaigns have been submitted. will pick the winners, who will be rewarded:

  1. 60% of the prize pool
  2. 30% of the prize pool
  3. 10% of the prize pool


  1. Add a link to your (public) blog post by clicking on the “add link” button below.
  2. Optional: Share your entry on Twitter using #StellarBattle and #Guerilla
  3. Your content should be created after the start of this battle.


These blog posts have been submitted to this battle already.

  1. Do not DM for votes.
  2. No vote trading.
  3. Don’t ask for votes in public channels.
  4. Paying for exposure is prohibited.
  5. Actively discrediting other competitors.
  6. Stealing proposals.
  7. The voting system might be changed during the competition if problems arise.
  8. At least 3 efforts need to be submitted for this battle to enter the voting phase.