Brainstorm Battles

Brainstorm Battles2019-12-16T15:22:54+00:00

Are you creative and want to add something to the Stellar ecosystem? Then take your shot at one of the brainstorm battles! These are problems, that the Stellar community likes answers for. Not creative, but do want to see a problem solved? Then fund the prize pool to inspire others!

University airdrop plan

The Keybase airdrop failed due to the mass entrance of bots/scammers. University students all have verified email addresses. Please come up with a plan how to airdrop university students trough Keybase.


Create a Stellar Battle

We dare you. Send in the best Battle idea you have and earn XLM for it. If your Battle receives the highest amount of donations by the community, you'll win the pool. Do you like meta: Donate to this pool to stimulate others to create awesome battles!


The Stellar Plantation plan

What if we used Stellar to plant 100 million trees? The Stellar Plantation. (Remember that the YouTuber MrBeast just planted 20 million in a few months, without much difficulty.) How about we do it in Australia after the tragic bushfires? You can contribute to Stellar by writing a detailed plan for this idea!


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