SDF develops an open source trading tool called “Kelp.” To encourage the community to create high quality educational content about Kelp, SDF has kicked off and contributed a prize pool to be distributed to eligible participants who develop exemplary content . You can read more about this in their blogpost here.

Task: Create educational content that describes the problem that Kelp addresses and why it is a useful tool to use. It should be a high level overview and should not provide investment or trading advice. Follow-up battles will ask for a more technical perspective. This can be a blog post, video or podcast, etc. Your content can cover one or more of the following subjects:

  • The concept of liquidity on trading exchanges
    • market-making
  • Why there are price differences between exchanges
  • Arbitrage opportunities
    • Intra-exchange
    • Inter-exchange
  • Kelp bot
    • Value proposition for Stellar
    • Usage outside the Stellar ecosystem
    • Target user
    • Risks


20,000 XLM

This is how the prize pool will be split up:

  • First place 50%
  • Second place 30%
  • Discretionary 20%

SDF may, but is not obligated to, retweet a link to the winning content.

Winner selection

We have created a committee of three members to judge the results of this contest:

  • Wouter from StellarBattle
  • Sam Conner from the community (also creator of Stellar Global)
  • Nikhil from SDF (creator of Kelp)

Evaluation criteria

These are the following criteria that we will use to evaluate the submissions. Participants should be able to provide this information to us upon request:

  • How much organic viewership / readership / affiliate links went through it
  • Reach outside the Stellar Community
  • Any sign of gaming, unlawful behavior, or other activity that violates one of the restrictions (described below) will disqualify you from participating in this and any future related StellarBattle with > 20% SDF contribution to the prize pool
  • Any content that contains fraudulent, deceptive, manipulative, or unlawful activity will be immediately disqualified. No content regarding ICOs.
  • If there are more articles than expected we may introduce an additional step to filter winners
  • Good Grammar / no typos / high production value / looks professional
  • Simplicity / ELI5
  • Accuracy of statements
  • Judging should not consider whether someone had profits or losses from usage of Kelp
  • Should limit to one submission per person



  • Must not contain investment advice for XLM or any other cryptocurrency (e.g., no explicit or implicit recommendations on what assets to trade, etc);
  • Must not make specific trading recommendations (e.g., no recommendations on trading strategies, particular trading specs);
  • Must not contain unlawful, deceptive, fraudulent, or manipulative behavior (e.g., wash trading, market manipulation, fraudulent schemes); and
  • Should disclose that the content was created as part of this StellarBattle.

Eligible Participants

  • Age must be the higher of: (i) 18 years old and (ii) the minimum age in your local jurisdiction that is legally eligible to use Kelp, create and distribute educational content for Kelp, use cryptocurrency, and participate in this StellarBattle contest.
  • Must not be a resident or citizen of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Crimea, or any other country or region subject to sanctions by the US Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control, as may be updated from time to time;
  • Must not reside in a jurisdiction where the transfer and holding of cryptocurrency is illegal;
  • In accordance with SDF’s anti-money-laundering program, winners who receive more than $200 worth of XLM must submit a tax form and go through an identification and verification (“KYC”) check prior to receiving any prizes;
  • If the Stellar logo is used in the submission, the usage must follow the SDF brand policy (;
  • Must comply with local applicable laws and regulations in their usage of Kelp.
  • We cannot send lumen awards to residents of the US states of Alabama, New York, Georgia, Connecticut, New Mexico, Hawaii, Vermont, and Washington, though they can certainly participate and win.


  1. Submit your entry by clicking the “add link” button below. Your entry is a public blogpost or video.
  2. Optional: Share your entry on Twitter trough this link.
  3. Your content should be created after the start of this battle

End of submissions

On 14th September we will decide when the battle ends. The end date will be at least one week after 14th September. *The end date is decided to be on September 28th.

Legal disclaimer

  • Kelp is open-source software. Your download and usage of Kelp is governed by the following license. Please note that using Kelp is risky and that you may lose value using Kelp.
  • Participating in this contest does not guarantee an award. Judges will have complete discretion in determining the winning submissions;
  • StellarBattle may terminate this contest at any time for any reason;
  • Eligible winners will receive XLM as a prize. Please read about the utility and risks of lumens here;
  • You are responsible for determining the tax and legal implications of using Kelp, receiving cryptocurrency awards, and creating and distributing Kelp-related content in your applicable jurisdiction(s).


You can discuss this StellarBattle in the #kelp channel of the stellar.public team on If you don’t have Keybase you can reach out to the team on the Kelp user mailing list.


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