Write an article explaining the benefits players have on Litemint that they would not get on traditional game platforms due to the use of Crypto/Stellar (collectibles, P2P IAP, Rewards). Topics might involve answering the following questions:

  • How players can enjoy new experiences with Stellar and Litemint?
  • How developers can benefit from publishing games on Litemint?
  • Why Stellar blockchain is the best bet for the future of blockchain gaming?

1506 XLM


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When more than 3 submissions are entered, the battle will close within 1 week. After that Litemint picks 3 winners:

  • Number 1 receives 70% of the prizepool
  • Number 2 receives 20% of the prizepool
  • Number 3 receives 10% of the prizepool


Submissions need to be submitted after the release of this battle, but before the end (see time on the right). The ending time will be extended untill more than 3 submissons were done. You should share your submission publicly (through for example medium or reddit) AND in the keybase team “Stellar_Battle”.

  1. Do not DM for votes.
  2. No vote trading.
  3. Don’t ask for votes in public channels.
  4. Paying for exposure is prohibited.
  5. Actively discrediting other competitors.
  6. Stealing proposals.
  7. The voting system might be changed during the competition if problems arise.
  8. At least 3 articles need to be submitted for this battle to enter the voting phase.