For this challenge you will highlight some of the winners that have come out of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) so far. To see the winners of the previous 4 rounds check out the bottom of this SCF webpage. Focus on projects that you believe are the most interesting or valuable to the Stellar network, and provide updates of what the projects have done since and what they are working on in the future.

It would be interesting if you could personally reach out to groups to get some insider information about the status of their project, what they’ve been working on, and what they plan to implement in the future.

For newcomers to Stellar, this is a great way to showcase innovative projects being built on the network, and for those curious what previous winners have been up to, it’s a way to see their status and follow along with updates and new releases. All this information available in one place would make it easy for the community to follow these winning projects.

For your submission to be considered, please cover at least 1 project from each of the previous 4 rounds.

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502 XLM

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