The website shows the path of the Stellar Torch. The torch has been passed around among Stellar community members, but it’s time for it to be passed around by others too. That’s why we have though of the “Kevin Bacon” challenge:

The torch should reach Kevin Bacon (refering to 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon). Every holder should thus send it one step closer to him.

Please create a pull-request that visualizes this challenge on the website. It should both explain the challenge and visualize it. It could for example show the location of Kevin Bacon and the path the torch took towards him, including everybody involved. Be as creative as you like, this is a community driven project.

The Stellartorch github can be found at:



Stimulate others to finish this battle by donating to the prizepool:



Submit your pullrequest through github, when it is accepted, you’ll win the prize pool.


The winning project receives 100% of the prizepool. The winner is picked by

  1. Do not DM for votes.
  2. No vote trading.
  3. Don’t ask for votes in public channels.
  4. Paying for exposure is prohibited.
  5. Actively discrediting other competitors.
  6. Stealing proposals.
  7. The voting system might be changed during the competition if problems arise.