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Are you tech savy and want to add something to the Stellar ecosystem? Then take your shot at one of the technical battles! These are small tasks, that the Stellar community likes to see done. Don’t have technical skills, but do want to see a task being accomplished? Then fund the prize pool to inspire others!

StellarTorch – Add Kevin Bacon challenge

Create a pull request to show the Kevin Bacon challenge on the homepage. The Kevin Bacon challenge requires every holder to send the Torch one step closer to Kevin (refering to 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon).


Create a Keybase lottery bot

Build a Keybase bot that collects donations (including on behalf of a Twitter handle) and after a month randomly picks a winner based on the percentage staked to the prizepool. This way users can add random Twitter handles to the lottery.


Kelp Overview Battle

SDF develops an open-source trading tool called “Kelp.” To encourage the community to create high-quality educational content about Kelp, SDF has kicked off and contributed a prize pool to be distributed to eligible participants who develop exemplary content


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